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Nicholas Hundley, RN, MS, CNS is a nutritionist, biochemist, nurse, coach, and wellness teacher who is deeply committed to transforming lives through optimizing physical and mental health. He specializes in supporting child development, with an emphasis on physiological contributors to mental health, mood, and behavior. Nicholas has four beautiful children of his own, ranging from 8 to 18 years old


Father of Four

Functional Nutritionist


My Story

I was once a struggling kid and teenager. I had crippling social anxiety, frequent depression, brain fog, and trouble focusing. I had a hard time making friends and learning in school.

Over decades, I learned how to care for my brain and body so that my mood is high, I am more confident and outgoing, and I can learn and focus well.

I don't want other kids to go through what I went through— and they don't have to. My own personal struggle and success motivate me to help children like yours be happy, confident, and successful. I teach parents how to feed their children so they develop and thrive mentally and emotionally.

I'm passionate about the health and happiness of our future generations.

"Nic, your work is life altering. Thank you and keep it up."

- Oscar B.

"[My daughter's] reaction to stress is much lower now. We used to 'lose her' for days when something stressful happened. Now, she just needs a couple hours."

- Melinda, mother
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Why I Started Health Coaching Families

I coach families in lifestyle change because of the struggles I experienced growing up. I suffered from physical ailments like chronic digestive issues, asthma, eczema, blood sugar fluctuations, food reactions, and nocturia. I also suffered from emotional issues like anxiety, low mood, and focus problems.

I tried my best to push through and overcome those problems. Initially, I didn’t have much success. Over years of schooling and experimentation, however, my understanding of the nutritional and lifestyle factors deepened profoundly.

I recognized that my physical ailments, emotional reactivity, and focus issues were improving with dietary and lifestyle changes.

I don’t want other kids to suffer through what I went through. My kids have avoided most of the issues I suffered with growing up, and I want families and children everywhere to experience vibrant health, happiness, and success.

My kids happily eat well balanced meals, love their salads, take their fish oil and vitamin supplements, and are huge fans of feeding veggies to the “buddies” (healthy microbes) in their bellies. I hope you and yours join us!

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